New Lesson: I can’t see Him, but God is here!

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This is a brand new lesson, which we’ve added to our July lesson plans!

The main focus on this bible lesson is that even though we can see God we know he is near. The underlying preschool lesson is AIR, and just like we can’t see the wind, we can still see the effects of the wind….trees blowing for example!

There are lots of opportunities to teach children about God’s forever presence in their lives, and lots of printable resources to go alongside the theme. Here is a sneak peak at this lesson:

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How Big is God

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UP NEXT: Magnets!



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Beep! Beep! Coming soon….

We’ll if you haven’t already noticed from our list of available lessons, there are a few months missing, that we’ve yet to provide lessons for….that’s because we’re just not quite done perfecting them yet! It’s so encouraging to hear from everyone how helpful the lessons are to your ministry, and we are more then blessed to be able to continually add to this site!

And of course we’re working behind the scenes on lots of projects as well (like this blog for example) and switching the theme of our site from the Old Look….to the New Look. All of this takes time, but we do want you to know that we haven’t forgotten about adding new and exciting lessons to the list.

Currently we’re working on lessons with a Transportation theme, you know like Boats, Cars, Trains….fun stuff like that! The transportation lessons will be slotted for the month of June, but as with all of our lessons, you can use them at any time during the year that suits you’re needs!

Anyway, stay tuned for some Transportation fun, and thanks for hanging in there with us as we update and make some necessary changes!



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