New Bible Lesson: Being Responsible

bible lesson responsibility

We have just uploaded a new bible lesson to the main site!

This is actually the third bible lesson for October and the
bible theme is Responsibility, with a preschool theme of Cats.

Here is a little peak at what you can expect to find:

cat printables

cat printables

mitten printables

mitten file folder game

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New Lesson: I can be a Good Steward!

good steward printables

We’ve got a new bible lesson up on the main site! This lesson is slotted for April’s second lesson, and is called “I can be a good steward.” This is a great lesson to teach children all about the responsibility that God has bestowed upon mankind to take care of the earth and the rest of God’s creation.

You’ll find lots of printables and resources for teaching on this topic, here is a sneak peek at what you can expect:

Good Steward bible printables

recycle christian lesson

reduce, reuse, recycle coloring page

recycle file folder game

UP NEXT: Other Cultures & Community Workers!

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New Lesson: Stuck on My Friend Jesus (Magnets!)

Bible Lesson

We’ve got a Brand New Lesson up called

“Stuck on My Friend Jesus”

This is an adorable lesson that pairs up the attraction of magnets to the bond formed with Jesus when we ask him into our hearts. Children love to play with magnets and Lynn has designed a fantastic lesson to help them understand that Jesus’s friendship is stronger then any earthly relationship we have.

Here is a sneak peek at the lesson:

My Friend Jesus
magnet printables
magnet manipulatives
farm matching cards

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New Lesson: I can’t see Him, but God is here!

bible crafts

This is a brand new lesson, which we’ve added to our July lesson plans!

The main focus on this bible lesson is that even though we can see God we know he is near. The underlying preschool lesson is AIR, and just like we can’t see the wind, we can still see the effects of the wind….trees blowing for example!

There are lots of opportunities to teach children about God’s forever presence in their lives, and lots of printable resources to go alongside the theme. Here is a sneak peak at this lesson:

bible printables

bible worksheets

How Big is God

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UP NEXT: Magnets!



New Lesson: God Loves Me No Matter What!

dog printables

We’ve just added a new lesson, this one marked for October.

God Loves Me No Matter What

In this lesson children learn that God loves them no matter what! Whether they are good or bad, God’s love for them never changes. There is also the preschool theme of Dogs, so you’ll find lots of adorable printables to go alongside this lesson. Here is a sneak peak:

god loves me printables

dog printables

kind to animals lesson

dog file folder game

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