Homemade Instruments

To continue along with our Praise and Worship themes, I’ve found a couple websites that teach you how to make homemade musical instruments for preschool ages. All of these would be great to have as a craft time activity in your classroom, or as part of a praise and worship circle time activity.

Making Friends has a fantastic page on Making Musical Instruments, they feature easy instructions for maracas, castanets, kazoo, drums, and even a pan flute. With just a few simple supplies and a free weekend, you can fill your entire classroom with fun musical ways for children to praise and worship God.

Nancy Stewart also offers some very simple ideas you can use to make some fun musical instruments for your classroom. Or if you’re so inclined, you can have the children make the instruments themselves and take them them home when finished. These would be great to keep on hand for your Praise God, and Worship lessons. You’ll find some fun jingle bracelets, jingle sticks and sand blocks to name a few!

Definitely want to bookmark these sites and file them under “Rainy Day Crafts”, so when ever you get a free weekend (it’s possible) you can fill up a rubbermaid with some goodies to bring to class.

Free Subscription

Kid Praise: Free Music

Along with our December Theme of Worship and Praise, check out this amazing website where you can download free Praise and Worship music for kids. This site even has the sheet music for you to download if you’ve been blessed with musical ability.

Sunday School Sites

Wise Men Worship

Wise Men Worship

On our sister site, I’ve put together a helpful list of ways to teach on the Three Wise Men, and included there you’ll find a fun tutorial on how to make a set of “Gifts” you can use in your story telling for props to keep the children involved. Hop on over to our sister site to read more fun ways you can teach how the Wise Men worshiped God.

Puppet Scripts: Worship

Have you bookmarked this fantastic site yet? This website is full of Christian Puppet Scripts that you can download and print for FREE! Yup that’s right! You can search by age level, by topic, by resources required and the scripts are offered in many formats making it easy for you to find a way to get your hands on them! I’ve already gone ahead and found a wonderful script you can use when teaching children about WORSHIP! This is a small script, you only need three puppets and it’s just the right length for preschool aged children! I enjoy the optional ending better for the little ones, the original ending might be a little vague for young children.

This puppet script would go fantastically with our December “Music” theme especially if right after you play the children some worship music and let them praise and worship God!

Be sure and check out all the other Puppet Scripts you can find there, and when you do, leave them some good feedback……it’s always nice to hear that you’re doing a good job!

Lace Up Musical Instruments

December is our Musical theme, and these lace up instruments are the perfect center time activity. Print up a few of them and display them on a learning table for children to work on.

Lace up Musical Cards
Lace Up Musical Cards

These are musical instruments described in the Bible as the harp and the lyre. Laminate these and punch holes where shown. Provide children with a small string to “string” their instruments. There are bible verses on each one, so read the verse to the children and talk about what it means to praise and worship God with music.

You can print these and more Praise and Worship Music lessons free from our website.