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Amazing Airplanes
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Autumn is for Apples
book       lesson

Barney Says Play Safely
book       lesson

Can You Hear It?
book       lesson

Dream Snow
book       lesson

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Grimm's Fairy Tales
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I Got Two Dogs
book       lesson

Papa, Please get the
Moon for me.
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My Shadow
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Spring is Here
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St. Patrick's Day
in the Morning
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Teddy Bear Picnic
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Ten Apples up on Top
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The Boat Book
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The Itsy Bitsy Spider
book       lesson

The Little Red Hen
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The Mixed Up Chameleon
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The Three R's
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The Tiny Seed
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The Very Hungry
book       lesson

There's No Place
like Space
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Three Little Kittens
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Two Little Trains
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Queen of Hearts
book       lesson

We Three Kings
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Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin
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Bible Theme: The Glory of God
In this lesson children learn that the glory of God is
reflected all around us, especially in the small details of
a butterfly's wings.  We've included some wonderful
bible printables to help you teach this lesson.
Preschool Theme: Butterflies
This page is  full of butterfly printables!  There are
coloring pages, bible verse bracelets,  handwriting
worksheets and more! We have everything you need
for a beautiful butterfly lesson.
Music & Movement:
Once I was a caterpillar
crawling on the ground.
Then I spun a chrysalis,
and wrapped it all around.
Then one day the sun shone,
and warmed me all inside,
Slowly slowly I emerged,
I could no longer hide.
I soaked in the sunshine
for a long long while,
Then I tried my brand new
And it made me smile!
Now I'm a little butterfly,
colorful and bright,
You might see me if you look
outside when it's light.
7361115: Butterfly Life Cycle Stamps, Set of 4 Butterfly Life Cycle Stamps, Set of 4
By Learning Resources Inc

You'll be able to do all sorts of presentations, displays, homework, cards and more with this set of Butterfly Life Cycle Stamps. From an egg, to chrysalis, to larvae to a beautiful butterfly, you'll be able to see and reproduce each stage in a butterfly's life. The four stamps come in a clear storage case.
Morning Circle Time
Show the letter "U" to the children.  Say the "U" sounds together.  Repeat with the
children the following  "U" words:  umbrella, underwear, uncle, unicycle, and uniform.  
Provide a picture and explain those words which are unfamiliar.  Explain that there are
some "U" words that describe where an object is. Say the word "under."  Ask the
children if they have ever looked under a rock and found bugs.  Say the word "up."  Ask
them if they've ever looked up into the sky and seen dragonflies buzzing or butterflies
fluttering.  Take a moment to talk with the children about their favorite bugs.  Show the
children a
photo of the Ulysses Blue butterfly (native to Australia.)  Explain that this
beautiful creature begins with the letter "U."
Caterpillar Lapbook
For extra learning oppurtunities, check out
Hungry Caterpillar Lapbook created
by Lilliput Station.  This is a picture of the
one we put together last year.  Lapbooking
is a great way to reinforce key concepts
with a fun book at the end of the lesson.  
Additionally you can create on to display
as a center activity.
Pretzel Butterflies.
You'll need small traditional pretzels, large
marshmallows or gum drops,  and licorice
strings.  To make this fun snack, take a large
gum drop or marshmallow and cut a small slit
in the right and left sides (two slits.)  Poke
two holes in the top of the candy or
marshmallow.  Now take two pretzels and
insert one into the left of the "body" and the
other into the right.  Use two small portions
of stringy licorice and insert them into the
"head."  What a beautiful edible butterfly!
Butterfly Life Cycle Cards

This is a set of Butterfly Life Cycle Cards.  Use these for
sequencing activities and let children place in order, or
play a Memory game by cutting each out separately and
matching word to picture,  or make Flash Cards by
folding the text and picture back to back.
Playdough or Clay
Let the children try to form
caterpillars, then place them in a
chrysalis, then make butterflies
with cookie-cutter shapes.
Nature Table
If you're able to find one, bring in a twig with an attached
chrysalis to give the children an up-close look at this stage
of butterfly development.  If you cannot find an actual
chrysalis, bring in lots of glossy books on the subject and
set up a diorama of the development of a butterfly.
Butterfly Counting
Use butterfly counters, butterfly-shaped buttons, butterfly
stamps, butterfly beads, and anything else you have with a
butterfly pattern for counting and sorting. (Or if you really
want to have fun, and if it's butterfly season, go outside and
count REAL butterflies!)

Butterfly Counters Page 1
Butterfly Counters Page 2
Live Butterfly Garden
We've used these butterfly gardens for a few years now, raising our own
butterflies each spring.  Our children love them, and we'd highly recommend
getting a kit!  Order early because you have to wait for your caterpillars to be
Handwriting Practice:
This is an optional handwriting worksheet for
children who are ready to practice tracing the
letters of the alphabet.

U is for Ulysses Butterfly
U is for Universe
Bible Verse Bracelets:
Psalm 150:6
"Let everything that breathes praise the Lord."  
Explain that everything  in creation was made to tell how soft feel
of a cat's fur, and the colors of a butterfly all bring praise to God.  
All of His creation tells of God's glory!
Bible Song
"Let Everything that Has
Breath Praise the Lord."

Click Here to listen to a sample
of the song.
Make beautiful butterflies with coffee-filters!
(Note:  This can be done with the cone-type filters if you do not have access to the round
white type (as in Australia.)  However, it takes a little imagination!)  Give each child a
coffee filter and an old-fashioned wooden laundry peg.  Show the children how to
scrunch up the center of the filter and clip the peg down the middle to form a body and
two wings.  Assist them if necessary.  Provide droppers.  (The food coloring can be
diluted a little if you like.)  Help each child make random drops of color on the butterfly
wings, and watch as the colors bleed together.  When the butterfly wings are finished,
fasten a pipe cleaner onto the "head" for antennae and draw or glue on eyes.  Lovely!   
(Beware...this activity will stain fingers and clothing!)
U is for Unselfish
This is a Bible
Coloring Page of the
little boy who was
unselfish and shared
his meal with many.
Take the children to a butterfly garden or butterfly
exhibit.  If you do not have access to either of these where
you live, help the children plant butterfly-attracting flowers
and create their own butterfly garden.
Additional Bible Lessons:  If you rather, you might
choose to take the wonderful example of a caterpillar
becoming a butterfly to demonstrate how Jesus' death
and resurrection enable us to become transformed.  
There are many wonderful change from a sinful nature
to sanctification in Christ.  
Additionally, the analogy of the caterpillar "dying"
inside the chrysalis and being "resurrected" as a
glorious new creature can help children understand
Christ's triumph on the cross.  There are many angles
you can use with this theme.  Tailor them to suit your
current topic or time of year.
Click Here to print
Page 1   Page 2
Start your own butterfly garden in your classroom or
Homeschool with these great butterfly kits!  They include a
ticket you send in to receive your caterpillars and you get to
watch them go through their metamorphoses
"Butterfly Butterfly" by Petr Horacek
Lucy sees a beautiful butterfly in the garden, along
with a bright green beetle, a brilliant blue dragonfly,
some red ladybugs, and many more flying and
crawling things. But when will the radiant butterfly
appear again? Petr Horácek uses his trademark
saturated hues and simple shapes to create an
enticing view of the world of colors — and a
peekaboo look at the slow-paced life abuzz in the
backyard garden.
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle
The Very Hungry Caterpillar is the perfect new
platform for the classic caterpillar, who literally pops
off the pages of the book—crawling along branches,
munching through food, and in one of the most
memorable climaxes ever, emerging vibrantly as a
three-dimensional beautiful butterfly.
Read: "Butterfly Butterfly" by Petr Horacek
Explain that God made everything in our universe.  
Ask the children whether they think God likes
beautiful things.  Tell the children that God even
made some of the most colorful creatures in the
deepest part of the ocean, where few people ever even
get to see them.  Ask them why they think that God
would do that.  Because He simply enjoys lovely
things.  I think God is quite an artist!  
Read: "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle
Take some time to review the process of a caterpillar
becoming a butterfly.  (see our optional
Printable Life
Cycle Sequencing Cards)
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