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Amazing Airplanes
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Autumn is for Apples
book       lesson

Barney Says Play Safely
book       lesson

Can You Hear It?
book       lesson

Dream Snow
book       lesson

book       lesson

Grimm's Fairy Tales
book       lesson

I Got Two Dogs
book       lesson

Papa, Please get the
Moon for me.
book       lesson

book       lesson

My Shadow
book       lesson

Spring is Here
book       lesson

St. Patrick's Day
in the Morning
book       lesson

Teddy Bear Picnic
book       lesson

Ten Apples up on Top
book       lesson

The Boat Book
book       lesson

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
book       lesson

The Little Red Hen
book       lesson

The Mixed Up Chameleon
book       lesson

The Three R's
book       lesson

The Tiny Seed
book       lesson

The Very Hungry
book       lesson

There's No Place
like Space
book       lesson

Three Little Kittens
book       lesson

Two Little Trains
book       lesson

Queen of Hearts
book       lesson

We Three Kings
book       lesson

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin
book       lesson
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Bible Theme: Loving Generously
In this special Valentine's day lesson, children learn
about the source of love, and the sacrifices that were
made to ensure a future for mankind.  Children explore
the benefits of giving rather then receiving.
Preschool Theme: Valentine's Day
This page is  full of Valentine printables!  There are
heart coloring pages, bible verse bracelets,  
handwriting worksheets and more!  We have
everything you need for a fun, romantic Valentine's
"The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein
Every day the boy would come to the tree to eat her
apples, swing from her branches, or slide down her trunk
. . . and the tree was happy. But as the boy grew older he
began to want more from the tree, and the tree gave and
gave.This is a tender story, touched with sadness, aglow
with consolation.
"Queen of Hearts" by Mary Engelbreit
Making the best valentine box ever for her favorite
holiday is Ann Estelle's newest school project.
It will have glitter, lace, feathers, and even wheels! There's
just one thing that Ann Estelle has forgotten -- what
could that be?
Let the children decorate their own
heart-shaped sugar cookies with pink
frosting and red sprinkles.
Music & Movement:

Play Musical Hearts.  Tape large pink and red hearts, (either cut
from posterboard or bought in the Valentine's Day decorations
dept. of your local dollar store,) in random positions on the
floor in your circle area.  Have enough hearts for there to be one
for each two children.  Pair up the children on the hearts and
explain that this game is similar to "musical chairs."  Play some
music, and let the children skip around the room while the
music plays.  Then take away a heart.  When the music stops, the
children will have to pile onto the remaining hearts.  Continue
reducing the number of hearts until there is only one left.  The
children will have to help each other as it gets harder and harder
to fit onto the remaining space.
Morning Circle:

Review yesterday's letter ("Q") by asking the children if they can think of a word that
begins with that letter.  (The goal is not to tell them the letter, but to see whether they
can remember it on their own.)  If they have trouble remembering "Q," give them some
clues.  They will probably mention "quilt" and "queen."  Play a rhyming game.  See if the
clues.  They will probably mention "quilt" and "queen."  Play a rhyming game.  See if the
children can come up with some rhyming words for "queen."  It's fine if they come up
with a few nonsense words.  Steer them in the right direction by suggesting correct
answers like "seen," "green," and "lean."  Try to find rhyming words with "quilt,"
("built," "stilts," "wilt," etc.)
Create a Classroom "Giving Tree"
Use a small tabletop Christmas tree or similar small tree,
and "decorate" it with things the children want to give to
those they love.  Give each child a heart shape cut from
cardstock.  Help the children to write (or draw a picture)
of something they can sacrificially give.  For example, one
child might promise to take out the trash for his busy
parent.  Another might promise to help her younger
sibling pick up her toys.  Another child might decide that
giving away part of his birthday money to his Sunday
School class might be something he could sacrificially
offer.  Help the children with ideas based on their
particular situations.  Then punch a hole in the top of their
heart-shapes, tie a ribbon through the hole, and let the
children place their promises on the "Giving Tree."
Valentine's Day Boxes
Provide a shoe box for each child.  Offer a variety of decorations
and art supplies.  Cover each box with pink, purple, or red tissue
or wrapping paper, then let the children decorate them to their
heart's desire, just like in the circle-time book, Queen of Hearts.
Set up a Valentine's Day postal center.
Decorate a large box to be the Valentine's Mailbox.  
Provide a variety of "mailbags" as well as envelopes, paper,
pens, stickers for stamps, and rubber stamps and ink pads.  
Let the children's imaginations guide them in dramatic play
as they become Valentine's postal workers.
Foamy pink hearts.  
Cover the children with protective paint shirts and let them
play with pink shaving foam.  Use cheap shaving foam to
draw large fluffy hearts on a long table.  Place a few drops
of red food coloring here and there in the foam.  Let the
children help it turn pink by mixing it with their hands.  
This activity will stain little hands (and clothes!)  Take
proper precautions.
Heart-shaped doily reliefs.  
Tape various sizes of heart-shaped paper doilies onto a
table.  Cover these with a paper table covering or butcher
paper.  Provide pink and red pastels or crayons, and let the
children rub over the doilies to reveal heart-shaped
Bible Verse Bracelets:
2 Corinthians 8:3a

"They gave as much as
they were able"
Bible Song
"Down in My Heart"
from the Cedarmont
Kids Classics "Sunday
School Songs" recording.
Read: "Queen of Hearts" by Mary Engelbreit
Ask the children if they know what special holiday is
coming up. (Valentine's Day.)  What kinds of things do
we celebrate on Valentine's Day?  (Love, hearts, being
kind, friends, etc.)  This perfect Valentine's Day story
shows how one child demonstrates a loving attitude
toward her classmates
Read: "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein
Explain that Jesus' sacrifice of himself is very much like the
tree in this book.  Briefly relate the story of the Prodigal
Son.  Explain that the boy's father in the story gave so
much to his son, and even though the boy was selfish and
ungrateful, the loving father waited for him.  When the son
returned and was truly sorry for the bad things he'd done,
the forgiving father gave him the best of everything he had.
Q is for Queen
This is a Bible Coloring
Page of a Queen (Perhaps
Queen Esther)
Heart Size Sequencing Bible Verse
This is a printable game for children who are learning
about sequencing and order.  Children place the
hearts in order from smallest to largest, then read the
bible verse that is written on them.
Handwriting Practice:
This is an optional handwriting worksheet for
children who are ready to practice tracing the letters
of the alphabet.

Q is for Quilt Handwriting Page
Q is for Queen Handwriting Page
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