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"How Big is God?" by Lisa Tawn Bergran
When a young boy asks his mother where God lives, she tells
him "in your heart." This inspires a slew of curious
questions: Is he invisible? Is he like a superhero? Can he fly?
How can he be everywhere all at once? In this heartwarming
conversation between mother and son, all the ways in which
God exists are discussed and the possibilities are endless.
Through bright, dreamy illustrations, How Big Is God
captures the immensity and wonder of looking at God—and
the world—through a young child's eyes.
"Jesus is my Special Friend" by BSusan S.alika Balika
Explore the world of Happy Day® Books—filled with fun-
to-read stories that teach Christian values. Level 2 books are
specifically designed for beginning readers and use harder
words, longer sentences, simple stories, and dialogue.
"Magnets" by Robin Nelson
This is a great introduction to magnets and how they work.  
Children love to learn with hands on activities, this book is
inspiring to children of all ages.
July Book List:
"Paws and Tales: Seeing the Unseen" by Cliff McDowell
A camping trip on Wild Mountain becomes a life changing
adventure for the Club (a group of four young forest animal
characters led by a wise bear named Paw Paw Chuck) and
their new friend, Wally. Surrounded by the beauty of the
mountainside, C.J. is surprised when Wally admits that he
doesn’t believe in anything he can't see – including God. With
the help of Paw Paw Chuck and the others, C.J. tries to figure
out how we can "see the unseen".