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public library.  I had so much fun and was given so many insights by God while creating the
storytime lesson plans, that I felt it was important that I share these with others (freely!)  I wanted to
spread the idea of combining the stories children love with the Bible truths Jesus wants the children
to know.  I started a webpage,
www.GroovyStoryTimes.com as a place to introduce people to the
Christian storytime concept and offer lesson plans to show how it can be done.  While working on
the webpage, I ran across Valerie at one of her websites, and we discovered we both had a desire to
offer free, complete, quality Christian lesson plans for young children.  God led us to each other to
collaborate on a comprehensive site that would be an excellent resource for preschool teachers,
Sunday school teachers, home school teachers, parents, librarians, and anyone else with a heart for

I am living back in the States now, learning how to raise two growing boys with my husband, enjoying
my dogs, and trying to keep on doing whatever in the world it is that God has for me to do.  I hope
these lessons will bring fresh ideas to those ministering to children, and will help to continue to keep
children's ministry a vital, exciting, and fun priority in the Kingdom.  

God bless,


November 2007
Preschool Post is a website run by two Moms (Lynn & Valerie)
who got together to join talents to create a fun, free preschool
curriculum that teaches children the most important lessons of all!
Meet Lynn:
I'm a Mom of two boys and a bit of an artist and writer.
I am a high school English teacher by certification,
and earned my BA in English with minors in Psychology
and Sociology from theUniversity of Kentucky (go Cats!)
I was never comfortable teaching high schoolers.  My
realtalents were revealed when I was hired as a
children's librarian and then a preschool teacher.
Ideas began to flow and mesh like crazy, and I had
a ball thinking up exciting stuff for young children to learn!  
While living in Australia (I was blessed with five wonderful
years there!) I developed and implemented a Christian storytime
for preschoolers based on my experience creating storytimes in a
Meet Valerie:
I am a busy mother to four little children Sissy(8), Bubba (6),
Monkey (2), and Freckles(1).  After graduating from the
University of Oregon with a B.S. in Psychology I decided that I
wanted to stay home before entering the workforce....(that was
over 6 years ago) and I've been home taking care of my children
ever since.  In 2006 when my first child was entering preschool I
went online searching for free preschool resources I could use to
teach her at home.  I was astonished to find that there wasn't
much selection for bible based resources. So, after much prayer I
started my first website which I (appropriately) called, "Christian
Preschool Printables."  It was my hope to fill the need for free
Bible based teaching resources to other families who wanted to do preschool at home. I started a
have been many helpful people who have guided me through the process, and have supported me
along the way.  Since starting in 2002, we've expanded to 7 different websites all geared towards
providing homeschool, and children's ministry communities with resources they can use to teach
God's word.  I have been really blessed to witness what God is doing with the online homeschool
community, and it's my hope that you'll find blessing with the resources we provide here.

If you'd like to learn more about me and our family, you can come by our personal blog
The Crafty
Classroom, where you can read all about my testimony for Jesus, and glimpse into our daily
homeschool life.  


March 2012

Questions?  Comments?  You can reach me at valerie@preschoolpost.com
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